Located in the southernmost region of Maldives, Addu City offers some interesting travel activities to visitors. The Heart-shaped atoll brings 6 islands into its belt, namely Hithadhoo, Maradhoo-Feydhoo, Maradhoo, Feydhoo, Hulhudhoo and Meedhoo. Addu is a city infused with the rich historical existence of British colony back in 1941 – 1976 where some of the ruins can be explored even today.

Recently SATA 2017 was held in Addu City on 27-28th October and it has been a question on many people’s mind as to what the city can offer to travellers. Here are 10 things travellers can do while visiting Addu City.


  1. Touring Gan Island:

gan island

Gan island, which is home to the International Airport of the Atoll is the first place travellers will reach when visiting the city. The island is interesting for its history which includes previously being home to British naval and airbase plus clothing factories and a cinema which was in operation in the past. Ruins from the British era and other important monuments are some of the places to explore. A little further down the road from the airport, monuments made in memory, a mosque, and Equator Village resort can be found.


2. Snorkeling and diving:

snorkeling and diving 1

Year-round Manta Rays are waiting for human interaction around this area. Whether you’re a beginner or a very experienced scuba diver, Addu City is one part of Maldives that offers a large number of diverse dive sites that cater to every individual scuba divers’ needs. The most visited dive sites in the area are Manta Dive site and British Loyalty shipwreck.

snorkeling and diving 2


3. Savouring food from Coffee shops and restaurants:


When exploring the city, it would be great to have some belly fun by trying out the restaurants and coffee shops around. Suvadive in Hithadhoo offers good food and good ambience, no wonder that it is one of the most frequented restaurants in the city. The restaurant also has a wall that portrays historical images of Addu. Paan Pinos is the place to go for a dose of caffeine after you gobble the delicacies. The place has a great interior and serves speciality coffee. Additionally, the Palm Beach located in Maradhoo is also a favourite of travellers where the speciality is Indian food and buffet dinners are also served on some nights.


4. Visiting Mangroves (Kulhi)

mangroves 1

Mangroves worth exploring are located on the island of Hithadhoo and surrounding area. The water around these is full of small freshwater fish. Addu Convention Centre is also built on one of the mangrove lakes.

mangroves 2


5. Exploring Koattey


An area of Koattey is now protected by the government to conserve the natural beauty and live species found on the site. A big freshwater lake, a gravesite and a surf break can be found in Koattey. A folklore about the freshwater pond in Koattey, called by some as ranin/pareen ge fengandu (translated as queens’/ fairies lake) is one of the things that make it interesting to visitors. It was believed that fairies used to frequent the lake to take bath in it.


6. Watersports


Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy multiple activities in the city. There are surf breaks near Koattey and Feydhoo. The channels between the small uninhabited islands and Gan and Maradhoo are good places for canoeing and paddle boarding. Other water sports such as kitesurfing are also popular among some youth of the area.

watersports 2


7. Cycling on the causeway


Cycling on the causeway in the cool evening is one of the must do things in the city. A lot of tourists prefer to ride bicycles rather than the motorbikes used by most of the residents of Addu city. Starting from Gan Island visitors can go as far as the edge of Hithadhoo. On the way make sure to stop for a while to admire the picturesque sunset on all clear days.


8. Experiencing island life

experiencing island life

Visitors can take some time to explore the life of “Adduians” as they call themselves. While the lives of people have become very modern over the years, you can still find the oldest homes of some residents from the British era, in some areas of Feydhoo. Additionally, travellers can go fishing, hunting for octopus or have a picnic on one of the small islands like the people of the atoll often do.


9. Wandering through Hulhudhoo and Meedhoo


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The two islands which are separate from the rest have some significant historical ruins to explore. A historical gravesite and well from the early days are some of the attractions to see in the islands. There is also plenty of space to explore on bikes.


10. Roadside stall experience


Addu City offers some delicacies that are special to the atoll area. These are available mostly on the roadside stalls or “gadiyas”. Stop by a gaadiya and try foods such as “Addu bondi”, “gulha”, “Kulhi roshi”, “anbu maja”. After the food, drink fresh coconut water while standing next to some of the local visitors at the stall. This could be an authentic lifestyle experience you can take back home.