Situated between 0 degrees 17 minutes south latitude and on the meridian 73 degrees 22.5 minutes and 73 degrees 25 minutes, this lonely miniature island atoll of Maldive group, one of many “summer isles of Eden lying in the dark-purple sphere of the sea”, is by Maldivians themselves, justly considered to be the most beautiful, and most favored by nature of all islands in the extensive Archipelago.

The description above is how HCP Bell introduced Fuvahmulah almost 100 years ago. It might have been a hundred years ago but the portrayal of life on the island provokes heartwarming thoughts. Bell saw a happy people. They welcomed outsiders and treated them with love and respect. They were self sufficient growing their own crops. Fruits were in abundance. They travelled to Ceylon and there was regular trade between them. They were industrious and innovative. Bell writes about seeing bars of soap that were marked ΄made in Fuvahmulah΄. Bell describes a thriving, vibrant community

Fuvahmulah in South of Maldives which is 494Km from Male International Airport and 1.5 Km from domestic airport. To reach Fuvahmulah is through daily domestic flights which take approximately 1 Hour from Male International Airport can be arranged by the hotel for which the payment will be collected at the time of check-in to the hotel.