Gulhi is an inhabited island located 21 kilo meters south of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in the South Male’ atoll of Maldives. Gulhi island has a tradition of welcoming visitors and guests which is evident from the way people interact with visitors and people who have taken permanent residence in the island.

Gulhi was one of the few islands that hosted many Western and international tourists during the early 80’s, when local islands were allowed to provide bed and breakfast service. The locals are friendly by nature and welcome visitors to their charming island.

The main economic activity in the island is fishing. Gulhi island also has the oldest dock yard (boat yard/port) in the Maldives. Many of the sea going vessels in the Maldives use the dock facility in Gulhi island because of its proximity to the capital island Male’ and International Airport.

During the early 80’s Gulhi was very popular among tourists who holidayed and stayed in local islands. According to Gulhi guesthouse owners, during the peak seasons, Gulhi hosted around hundreds of tourists in many of their homes and tents on the beach.

A stay in Gulhi island surely will fascinate visitors and provide a truly cultural Maldivian holiday experience.