Mahibadhoo is the capital island of Alif Dhaal Atoll. Situated 42knot South West of Male’, the island measures 1.5 miles in length and 0.75 miles in width. Important places in Mahibadhoo include the Secretriate of A dh. Atoll Council, Atoll house, Atoll Hospital, Atoll Education Centre, Police Station, Mahibadhoo Social Centre, Bank of Maldives Mahibadhoo Branch, Traditional Mosque, Masgid al-ihsan mosque, and football ground.

Having a population of over 2000 people, major economic activities of the residents include fishing, handicraft, tourism related works, construction, boat building and carpentry. A vast majority of the male youth work in nearby tourist resorts, hence making tourism the highest money generating activity to the island.

Alif Dhaal Atoll Education Centre is the biggest school in the atoll. Services provided by the Atoll Hospital include blood transfusion, E.C.G, laboratory investigations, gynecology related operations, x-ray, ultra sound scanning and family planning. Specialist consultations include gynecology and pediatrics.

Other services available in Mahibadhoo include speed boat rental services, hotel and catering services, Wireless internet connection, Banking, ATM, and cable TV service.