Vaavu Thinadhoo is a relatively small island located 78KM south of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) with a registered population of about 500 people, of which approximately 50 are current inhabitants. The island covers a land area of approximately 110240sqmtr, most of which is still remains uninhabited.

The island is surrounded by an iconic sandy beach and a lush barrier reef. Most of the plant life including old trees, beach shrubbery and coconut palms that remain intact adds to the appeal of Thinadhoo. The island was traditionally known as “Mas Thinadhoo” (Fish Thinadhoo) hinting to the abundant marine life around the island, and nearby reefs. Most of these reefs and its marine life still flourish today making the area a favorite spot for recreational fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. These conditions also make the island attractive for many aviaries that roam over the ocean. Vaavu Thinadhoo in many ways is the epitome of the Maldivian Beauty. It is a condensation of the global tourism brand that is ‘Maldives’.

The people of Vaavu Thinadhoo have had the opportunity to interact with tourists that have been visiting the island from nearby resorts and safari boats for decades. These resorts and safaris also provided tremendous job opportunities for a lot of the islanders. Over time the people of Vaavu Thinadhoo have become very familiar with tourism as an industry and foreigners as their guests. There is a noticeable culture on the island that inhabitants stay away from the beach while tourists are on it, to allow them to have their privacy. Many from the island have a working knowledge of several foreign languages as well. Some people on the island have already opened a few small guest houses, and many others from the island continue to work at resorts due to the lack of opportunity on the island. In many ways, the islanders prove to be a positive strength to the prospect of tourism related ventures.