Thulusdhoo is the capital of Kaafu Atoll of Maldives less than an hour by boat from International Airport. Primarily famous as a surfing destination because the island allows access to one of the most popular surf sites in the country, Cokes, Thulusdhoo is about twenty minutes away from Male’ via speedboat. Most of the guesthouses in the island cater to surfers who only require basic facilities and don’t demand a lot of superior amenities that the higher-end guesthouses offer, but more and more guesthouses designed to attract a wider variety of travelers are opening up in the island.

When the world was created, Thulusdhoo was given an abundance of potential for becoming a surfer’s paradise. The island’s location far out in the Indian Ocean allows waves to travel thousands of kilometers on the bottom of the sea to finally unload all the power it developed during it’s long journey over Maldives’ coral reefs.

As Thulusdhoo Maldives is a Coral island, a coral reef stretches all around Thulusdhoo’ coastline,while proteccting a crystal clear lagoon providing for unlimited surfing conditions all over. No matter whether a swell approaches the island from a northerly or westerly direction or whether it’s moving in from the East or the South, Thulusdhoo is guaranteed to have surf somewhere along it’s shores at almost any given day of the year.