Ukulhas is located in Alif Alif Atoll close to the most northern boundary. It is an oval-shaped, flat coral sand cay, oriented north-west to south-east, 1025 meters long, 225 meters wide. The island stands at the Longitude of 70° 52′ 00 E and 04° 12′ 00 N. The distance between Male’ and Ukulhas island is 71.91 km. The area of the Island is 17.40 Hec.

kulhas is an environmental friendly island, famed for its cleanliness and well maintained waste management system. It’s the first ever systematically waste managed Island in the Maldives.For providing outstanding services to protect and preserve the environment Ukulhas achieved the ‘Green Leaf Award’ in the year 2014. Ukulhas conducts several cleaning and planting programs each year. In addition Ukulhas organizes several awareness programs on waste management, marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Thus Ukulhas is recognized as an environmental role model island in the Rep of Maldives.