The spin off movie from the Star Wars saga aired in theaters on December 16th with generally positive reviews and fans rejoicing with the story having filled many loop holes in the main sagas timeline. Rogue One, the much anticipated Star Wars movie is the second movie that Disney is in charge of after their buyout of Lucasfilms in 2012.

Rogue One features the all common space battles and different planets inhabited by different alien races. These planets were captured in not so alien locations and enhanced with CGI and Vfx.

Such every day locations include Wadi Rum of Jordan where The Martian was primarily filmed, Krafla, Iceland with its volcanic crater and nearby Lake Mývatn’s rock formations are featured in the Star Wars spin-off. They might look familiar to fantasy fans, as they’ve been featured in HBO’s Game of Thrones, as well and finally the Maldives, specifically Laamu Atoll, Gan and Baresdhoo the uninhabited Island. The filming location for the beautiful but scary planet Scarif was in the beautiful Laamu Atoll, South Maldives. Apparently on 2 islands :  Gan, one of the largest island in Maldives, inhabited and the paradise Island of Berasdhoo, beautiful, idyllic and completely desert planted with coconut trees.

The locations of the Maldives feature the planet Scarif where the films major battles takes place. Depicted as a beautiful tropical paradise but with the presence of a major Imperial military installation which is the ultimate reality, Scarif is the principal construction facility for the vast Imperial war machine. The paradise world is enveloped in impenetrable deflector shields and is heavily defended.

This presents a major opportunity to promote tourism to a vast market where the fans would love to spend time in locations where their favorite movie franchise had filmed. The locations are are already very easily accessible and packages and plans to these locations already exist in nearby resorts and guesthouse as well.