HDC has made a special area for tourists coming into Hulhumaale to enjoy the sands and sea the country is famous for.

This was done to separate the locals and tourists as the swim wear worn by many tourists goes against social customs and norms and religious value of the locals. This was done due to complaints from both tourists for the strict rules being difficult to follow and have a good time and locals with complains of public exposure. Hence forth, now tourists can enjoy themselves privately and away from local areas as how they would normally do in any resort.

The separated area comes with a fence and is located in the beach area near the Hulhumaale Youth Park. The private beach is open for tourists from morning 6am to 6pm in the evening and it is the responsibility of the guethouse or the agency to provide the adequate safety services for the guests who use the area.

Though notices and boards have been placed all across the length of the Hulhumaale beach, the problem of “indecent exposure” was rampant with no avail up until now.