The island of Ukulhas in Alif Alif atoll has taken a massive leap forward in fighting global warming and becoming a environmentally friendly island, by outlawing the use of single use plastic bags from 1st January 2017.

Ukulhas has joined the “Ban the Bags” campaign to ban single use plastic bags which will bring about a sufficient change in the lifestyles of the residents. Moreover it would benefit the island both economically and in terms of environmental awareness. From January 2017 on wards the council will provide environmentally friendly bags donated by Dhiraagu for every household and business establishment in the island.

This is the 3rd Island after Alif Alif Bodufolhudhoo & Vaavu Keyodhoo to join “Ban the Bags” Campaign. “Ban the Bags” is a campaign aimed at banning single-use plastic bags in Maldives by 2020. In 2015, over 66 million bags worth over MVR 17 million was imported to Maldives.